Sociology | GENDER ROLES (3CR)
S338 | 8834 | Puentes

5:30P-8:45P  MW  BH 347

What is gender? How do we come to be “gendered”? This course focuses
on gender in society by analyzing the impact of the “social construction”
of gender and what it means to how we live our everyday lives. By
examining the ways in which gender influences our attitudes,
behaviors, customs, and interactions we will develop a better
understanding of how and why society prescribes different gender roles
to females and males.
We will also explore how social institutions shape our assumptions
about gender roles. We will discuss how gender roles affect the
expectations, experiences, and opportunities of men, women, girls, and
boys. In doing so, we will examine what "feminine" and “masculine"
mean and how these concepts can be used in understanding gender roles.
While exploring and applying a variety of perspectives to gender, we
will also discuss the intersection of gender with race, social class,
and sexuality.