Criminal Justice-coas | Child Abuse and Neglect
P462 | 2506 | Levesque

This intensive seminar examines the nature, causes, consequences and
societal reactions to various forms of child maltreatment.  Institutional
and individual forms of maltreatment will be explored.  Much of our
discussion will center on the complex relationship between these two forms
of maltreatment.  Thus, for example, we will examine how the failure of
anti-poverty strategies and the unavailability of health services may be
linked to child fatalities, "drug babies," sexual exploitation, and
psychological abuse.  In addition, we will examine how these abusive
conditions contribute to problem behaviors, such as running away from home,
prostitution, suicide, etc.  Much of our discussions will examine the
difficulty of enacting appropriate reform efforts.  We will also focus
discussions on innovative approaches to the U.S. Advisory Board on Child
Abuse and Neglect.


Above Section Meets with CJUS P680
Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS major 400-level requirement

Instructor:	Professor Roger Levesque, Criminal Justice Department