College Of Arts And Sciences | Sex, Politics, and Race
E104 | 2340 | Alex-Assensoh, Y.

8:55-10:25 MTWR WH 101
Over the last two decades, the term "minority" has expanded from its erstwhile reference to Blacks to include--in a broadened description--other people of color, women and homosexuals.  This expansion of the term "minority" has created a host of new challenges in the American political system.  This course is geared toward helping students to understand the political connotations of the term "minority" as well as the manner in which different minority groups play the political game.

The class will be taught as a lecture course featuring debates, panel discussions, group projects, videos and role-playing sessions to be based mainly on the weekly readings.  Final grades will be based on a mid-term examination, a final examination, one-page weekly (or bi-weekly) homework assignments, a group project, and class participation.