English | Advanced Expository Writing
W350 | 1225 | Cariello

2:35-3:50 D (25) 3 cr


This course takes as its premise that the ability to write about the
connections between texts is a way of coming to terms with the culture at
large. Through a sequence of writing assignments, you will be asked to
analyze essays with an eye toward developing arguments about key issues in
society, such as literacy, education and media. One guiding principle of
this inquiry is that reading and writing are related activities and that
readers bring a wealth of previously acquired knowledge to bear on a given
text. To recognize these points of intertextuality and to reflect on them
enables you to better understand your own cognitive processes and
compositional strategies. The goal of this course is to foster in you the
ability to recognize and develop connections between various texts and to
reflect on these connections relative to personal, academic, and cultural

Course Texts
	WAYS OF READING (sixth edition) by Bartholomae and Petrosky
	THE LONGMAN HANDBOOK by Anson and Schwegler
	Several movies and some handouts