F301 | 1293 | Johnson

This course will consist of five units, beginning with an introduction to
the peoples and languages of Africa and to the discipline of
Folkloristics.  A second unit on oral poetry will include sections on
heroic poetry, panegyric (praise-poetry), elegiac (funeral), religious,
and drum poetry, as well as discussions on the social role of the poet and
the social and political use of poetry.  A third unit on oral prose will
include sections on legends, folktales and proverbs, along with
discussions on the role these genres play in sun-Saharan African
societies.  A unit on drama will conclude the oral forms of folklore.  A
final unit on gestural, customary and material folklore will deal with
such topics as dance, games, African carving and statuary, and the
economic and social background of West African strip weaving.  The course
will conclude with a lecture on the total effect of all these forms on
society, including a discussion of the importation of many of these forms
to the new world and their effect on culture in the United States.

Fulfills a COAS Arts and Humanities, Traditions and Ideas distribution
requirement and is on List A of the Cultural Studies requirement.