F351 | 1294 | Burdette

This course will survey a variety of regional North American vernacular
musics.  At the heart of class discussion will be the creative cultural
interaction in North America that has produced a wealth of distinctive
styles.  Of particular focus will be the dynamic exchange between African
and European aesthetics which has affected everything from blues to polka
music.  We will also discuss issues of community, style, commercialization
and revival.  Some of the regionally inflected genres we will examine
include string band music, bluegrass, blues, polka, shape-note singing,
salsa, Cajun, zydeco, klezmer, gospel quartet singing and Tex-Mex.  No
musical background is necessary.

Textbook:   Lornell, Kip and Anne Rasmussen.  1997.   Musics of
Multicultural America: A Study of Twelve Musical Communities.  New York:
Schirmer Books.  Accompanying CD.  There will possibly be a short reader
in addition to the textbook.

Fulfills a COAS Arts and Humanities, Traditions and Ideas distribution
requirement and is on List A of the COAS Culture Studies requirement.