Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Lifeguard Training (1 cr.)
E475 | 2525 | Cousin

COURSE PREREQUISITES:  American Red Cross First Aid and C.P.R.
(May to taken concurrently)

CLASS MEETING:  Meets one - 1 hour and 50 minute period four times per week
for three weeks.

TEXTBOOK:  Obtained at Red Cross office (not available in bookstores)

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course will prepare individuals to effectively
the duties and responsibilities of life-guarding at pools and open water

Students are required to present an Emergency Action Plan according to
Red Cross Lifeguarding parameters.

Grades will be determined as follows:

Final Test    50%
EAP Plan      30%
Quizzes       20%

Students are allowed a maximum of 3 absences.  Upon a fourth absence a
has three (3) options:  1)  receive a grade of F; 2) officially withdraw
from the class;
3) follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/or the Elective