Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Strength Training: Theory and Application (2 cr)
K500 | 2059 | Koch

COURSE PREREQUISITES:  Senior class ranking as well as having
completed Anatomy and Physiology.

CLASS MEETING:  Class meets two - 2 hours and 30 minute period per week.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS:  The purpose of this course is to provide current and
accurate information regarding proper training methods, technique, practical
guidelines and the physical adaptations that are related to strength and

Students are required to complete individual and group projects including:
1) Year
long training program, 2) Midterm, 3) Final, 4) Quizzes, 5) Discussion
Meeting (1 x week).

Final grade determination will be as follows:  1) Annual Plan 25%, 2)
Midterm 25%, 3) Final 25%, 4) Quizzes 15%, 5) Discussion 10%.