Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Special Problems in Physical Education & Athletics (3 cr)
P447 | 2046 | Chapin

Class meets 1 seventy-five meeting period 2 times per week

The course will provide a comprehensive view of coaching.  The content of
the course is based on content areas and competencies developed under the
auspices of and approved by NASPE.  The competencies are identified in a
document entitled National Standards for Athletic Coaches.  Specific
competencies are prescribed for 8 topical areas - 1) sports medicine, 2)
risk management, 3) growth, development, and learning, 4) bio-physical
aspects, 5) social-psychological aspects, 6) technical aspects, 7)
pedagogical aspects, 8) professional preparation and development.  The
information that would be conveyed in the proposed course would be
consistent with Level I competencies.