Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Recreation Activity and Leadership Methods (3 cr)
R272 | 2126 | A Suren

Recreation Activity and Leadership Methods
10:20a-11:35a  D  HP013

Description:  Analysis of leadership-management theory and techniques and
individual leadership styles in planning and delivery of recreation
activities/services.  Students will take a critical look at program goals &
objectives, team development, and managerial models as they relate to
leadership theories.

Required Text:  Although there is no text required for this course you are,
however, expected to purchase a readings packet and read materials on
reserve in the HPER library (located in 027 HPER).  Similar materials may be
provided by Dr. Suren for in-class assignments.

Goals:  1.  To review current/past available literature pertaining to the
profession and the phenomenon of leadership
2.  To gain exposure to the theories and techniques of leadership, their
advantage and disadvantage and which techniques would be situationally
3.  Develop human relation skills and knowledge necessary to confidently
assume leisure leadership responsibilities in planning and implementing a
special project/event
4.  Experience a variety of group dynamics situations common to leisure
delivery and to analyze those dynamics in terms of: communication, conflict,
influence, motivation and group support