Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Legal Aspects in Recreation, Park, Tourism and Sport Mgmt. (3 cr)
R544 | 2139 | B Hronek

Legal Aspects in Recreation, Parks, Tourism and Sport Mgmt.
8:55a-10:10a  D  WH008

Description:  This graduate level course concentrates on legal aspects of
recreation, parks, tourism and sports management.  The course provides
students with a basic understanding of the risk management process,
negligence, intentional torts, Constitutional torts, strict liability,
standard of care, attractive nuisance, and other legal subjects.  It
provides an introduction to personnel and contract law.  The course is aimed
at avoiding or reducing the probability of litigation.  The central theme
for the course will be recreation, parks, tourism, and sports related;
however, the legal theories discussed are applicable to a broad category of

Required Text:  Hronek, B. and Spengler, J.  Legal Liability in Recreation
and Sports, Sagamore Publishing; Champaign, IL.  61820.  ISBN:

Scope and Approach:  The various topics will be examined through a
combination of learning experiences: lectures, seminar-type exchanges,
individual study, examinations, outside readings, a short written paper, law
library research in individual areas of specialties, and class
participation.  Students will be expected to research case law and orally
present their findings to the class.

Additional Information:  This course meets with R441 (Section 2134).