Nursing | Nursing Care: Critically Ill Adult
K496 | 2256 | Reising

Nursing Majors - Clinical Elective
2 credits
Requirements: Successful completion of junior year of the BSN program or
permission of instructor.

This course, offered in conjunction with Bloomington Hospital, provides
clinical experiences in Critical Care, Progressive Care, Cardiovascular
Recovery, Emergency, Post-Anesthesia Care, and the Operating Room. (Students
will be assigned to one unit.) Students in the emergency room will register
for the didactic K485 (V938), students in the operating room will register
for the didactic J360 (V9933), and students in the other areas will register
for the didactic K496 (2255.)

Weekly Schedule:  TBA

Maximum enrollment: 10 (Authorization Required.)

Faculty:  Deanna Reising (812)855-1728,