Political Science | Introduction to American Politics
Y103 | 1462 | Wright

	Since we can't escape from politics in our lives, we might as well
learn to appreciate and enjoy them.  In this class we explore American
politics: its rules (the Constitution), its institutions (the Presidency,
Congress, the courts, and the bureaucracy), its participants (individual
voters, parties, interest groups, and the media) and its products (social,
economic and foreign policy). We not only cover the facts of American
politics, we also focus on becoming informed critics and intelligent
consumers of the daily barrage of news from the media.
	The Course uses on textbook and a book or readings.  Students will
be expected to keep up with current events.  The class will be a mix of
lecture, participation and small groups exercises in which students work on
problems and deal with the challenges of American politics. This course is
appropriate for non-majors, beginning majors, and people considering
becoming political science majors. It especially designed for those who
would like to have a more complete understanding of American politics and
desire to be more effective political participants.