Political Science | Service Learning Seminar
Y480 | 2512 | Bickers

	Y480/Y481 is a community service program, similar to an internship,
that is designed for political science majors and other students with an
interest in public policy, social services, government or law. Students will
receive up to nine hours credit for this summer program.  The program
involves three components: (1) A two week intensive course that helps
prepare students for their community service.  This course will meet for
four hours per day for the first two weeks of the first summer session.
Students will be exposed to the literature on the interface between
government and the nonprofit sector, will receive training in web-page
design and database management, and will have an opportunity to meet with
leaders from the Bloomington area.  This is a three-credit graded course
(Y480).  (2) Ten weeks of volunteer work doing community service at a
government agency, social service agency, or community organization for
approximately 12 hours per week.  These community service positions are
similar to internships, and will generally be unpaid.  Students will be
placed in their community service positions during the two week intensive
course at the beginning of the summer.  Students that wish to make their own
arrangements with a Bloomington area organization are welcome to do so.
Students will be supervised in these volunteer positions by a faculty member
or graduate assistant from the department of Political Science.  Students
will receive up to six hours credit (Y481) on a pass-fail basis for this
component of the community service program.  (3) The summer experience will
culminate in a one-day workshop at the end of the summer where students
present projects that they have completed during the course of the summer.
At the close of this workshop, an informal reception will be held to which
students, the families, and organizational sponsors will be invited.