Psychology | Introductory Psychology I
P101 | 1481 | J. Farley

Introduction to psychology; its methods, data, and theoretical
interpretations in areas of the biological bases of behavior, learning,
sensory psychology, and cognition.
Text: Psychology by Benjamin, Hopkins, & Nation.  This text was published
in 1994 by MacMillan.
Exams: The course is divided in 6 sections.  There will be 3
multiple-choice exams administered after Sections 1-2, 3, 4-6. As part of
the requirements for P101, you must participate in two, one-hour
experiments.  If you do not want to participate in these experiments, you
must write a short paper for each experiment.  If you choose to write
papers rather than participate in experiments, please see me within the
first two weeks of class to discuss possible topics.  If you fail to
complete the experimental requirements, you will receive a grade of
"incomplete".  The only exception to this is if you are receiving a grade
of "D" or below.  In this case, you will not receive an incomplete.
Consult the experimental participation sheet for more information.
Instructor Availability: Office hours are after class daily in the
Psychology building room 371.  If you cannot see me during office hours,
please call or e-mail for an appointment.  Also, I will generally be in
the lecture hall for a few minutes after class.  This is a good time to
ask a brief question or make an appointment.  My office phone number is
855-6828 or e-mail at
Course assistant: The teaching assistant will handle most of the
bookkeeping chores for the course and is the person you should see to
check on exam totals, missing grades, experimental credit and so forth.
Grading:  By the end of the semester you will have taken 3 exams (25
points each).  Your exam grade for the course will be based on these three
exams.  If you miss an exam, see the instructor immediately.  In addition
you will complete a series of computer quizzes worth a total of 25 points.
Your final grade will be based on the total number of points.  (In the
past, a failure to complete all quizzes and lecture responses has resulted
in a number of students receiving much lower final grades.)
Computer Assignments: In this class you will frequently be using the
terminal clusters that are located around campus.  You will need to learn
how to use these terminals to access the computer that is used with this
course.  You will be given instructions in class as to how to access the
computer, and your instructor's home page on the World Wide Web, which is
where you will find the quizzes.
The computer quizzes are designed not only to help you learn the material
better, but also to keep you focused on your psychology assignment.  One
of the main problems that students have is failing to begin assignments
promptly.  To do the computer assignments you must keep up with the
reading.  Poor performance on exams often results from waiting until a day
or two before the exam is scheduled to read the material. There will be
three quizzes based on the six sections of the course described earlier.
Questions from the quizzes often appear on examinations.  These quizzes
consist of a series of questions, generally 60-70 questions, related
primarily to the textbook. Each quiz is worth 8 points.