Religious Studies | Jews, Christians, & Muslims
R152 | 1519 | Hughes

R152 Jews, Christians & Muslims (3 Cr.) * Carries COAS AHTI Credit
8:55-10:10 D JH A105 (Hughes)

Who are Jews, Christians, and Muslims?  What do they have in common?  How
do they differ from one another?  This course will attempt to answer such
questions and others by examining Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from
two important perspectives.  The first perspective entails looking at
these religions as rich historical traditions which are genetically
related, and which play a major role in shaping civilization around the
globe.  The second perspective is thematic and entails the examination of
key concepts in the study of religion (e.g., scripture, authority, ritual,
culture) by which these traditions have produced meaning for themselves.
We will read only primary sources and discussion will play a major role in
this course.  Requirements will consist of short (2-3 pages) writing