Biology | Heredity, Evolution and Society
L369 | 4135 | Hudock

Course format: Daily lectures (10:30A-11:20A, JH 239) during which
discussion and student participation will be encouraged.

Requirements:  No prerequisites.  No computer skills required.  Algebra is
required and will be used.

Course description: Principles of biological evolution considered by the
instructor to be the central idea of contemporary biology.  Patterns of
heredity and the cellular basis of these patterns.  Molecular basis of gene
action = a simple and elegant generalization that will be considered
without a lot of detailed clutter.

Required Text:  "Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications" by R. Lewis.
Third edition is required (No! the second edition is not acceptable).

Weekly assignments: Two chapters in text.

Exams/papers: Summer - four non-cumulative exams, one every second Friday.
These will be objective in form but stress problem solving.  Samples from
the past are available at IUSA.