Education | Curriculum Theory and Practice
J630 | 7525 | Boyle-Baise

This year J630 will not be offered in the fall. It will be offered as
an intensive summer course instead.

J630 is a foundational seminar in the Curriculum Studies Program. The
primary purpose of this course is to introduce the field of Curriculum
Studies: fundamental issues, historical trends, varied ideologies, and
prominent scholars. In the course, we examine fundamental, perennial
questions about curriculum:  what counts as knowledge, what knowledge
is of most worth, what forms of knowing are most valued, who controls
the selection and distribution of knowledge, and how is control linked
to material wealth? These questions are related to contextual, social,
and cultural factors and are debated robustly within the field. A
second course purpose is to examine key aspects of curriculum
development and to utilize them to plan an "ideal" course of studies.

The course is oriented to doctoral students interested in curriculum
issues. The course tends to draw students from a range of departments
and disciplines, even beyond education. Usually, the course is a
mixture of national and international students. The course focuses on
U.S. curricular experiences, but international perspectives are sought
and valued.

Dates: June 16-July 5
We will not meet on Monday July 3rd. We will meet an extra afternoon
session to complete a cooperative, course project.

Times: M-F 9:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.