Education | Early Childhood Educ Program Models
K549 | 5089 | Buzzelli

The purpose of this course is to examine what developmentally
appropriate practices mean for all children in early childhood
settings.  The course will focus on preschool through the primary
grades (Kindergarten - Grade 3/4).  We will focus designing and
adapting learning environments so they will support optimal
development.  We also will consider how to adapt curricular activities
and materials in ways that will better enable the active and full
participation of all children in community based programs.  The course
will be a combination of class discussions and hands-on learning
activities. For more information you may contact Dr. Buzzelli at
812-856-8184 or e-mail: . Class meets Second Summer Session: June 26 -
July 7 Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 1:30 pm