Fine Arts | Topics in Art History
A200 | 4358 | Shirey

Topic: Art and Revolution: 20th Century Mexico

From the popular prints of Posada and the works of the great
muralists, such as Diego Rivera, to Frida Kahlo's "surrealism"
and Tamayo's Mexican modernism, this course focuses on the art
revolution that swept through and transformed early 20th century
Mexico. After briefly surveying art from the Pre-Hispanic period
through the nineteenth century, this 20th century revolution in
art will be set against the backdrop of the larger social and
political revolution that dominated this era. We will explore
interpretations of the Mexican Revolution in the media of
painting, printmaking, photography, film and fiction. We will
also examine the ways in which art of the pre-Hispanic and
post-colonial periods came together in an intense search for
national identity, or mexicanidad. In addition, we will
investigate the position of women in early 20th century in Mexico
(before, during and after the Mexican Revolution) seeking to
understand how changing attitudes affected their artist careers.
Finally, we will scrutinize the search for modernism in Mexican
art, as understood in the context of a post-Revolutionary desire
to demonstrate internationalism while combating cultural