French And Italian | Introduction à la France moderne
F363 | 4392 | Michael Berkvam

This course studies the development of France from 1870 to World War II
(1940) with special emphasis on the evolution of the Third Republic
(education reforms, the Dreyfus Affair, World War I, post-war France from
1920-1940).  Along with the lectures on social, historical and cultural
topics, the course studies the evolution of French painting from Impressionism
to Cubism, sculpture and architecture.  Special emphasis is also placed on the
changes in Paris from 1870 to 1940. The sections on painting, sculpture,
architecture and Paris will be illustrated through an extensive use of
slides. Students will also see three feature-length films illustrating the
Dreyfus Affair, World War I and the inter-war period. Students read two
novels illustrating life during this period and write 6-8 page papers on
assigned subjects. There will be three exams. Final grades will be determined
on the basis of the three exams and two papers.

The course is taught in French with all exams and written work in French.
P: F300 or equivalent.  This section fulfills CSB and AHTI requirements.