History | The Republicans, 1854-Present
A365 | 4446 | Katz

2:30-4:40P     TR     BH006

This course will touch on many areas: the antecedents of the modern
Republican Party, the abolitionist movement, the Whigs, the emergence
of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, attitudes and policies toward
Reconstruction and Andrew Johnson, party debates over civil service
reform, tariffs, monetary policies, immigration, the gilded age
presidents, the impact of Theodore Roosevelt and the progressive
movement, Republican ascendancy in the 1920s and disasters in the
1930s and 1940s, McCarthyism, the age of Eisenhower, the return of
Nixon, the consequences of Watergate, and the significance of Reagan.
Where appropriate, there will be discussion of party organization in
the Congress and in the governorships.  Exams and/or book reviews will
be determined by the class enrollment.