History | BECOMING BRITISH, 1707-1922
J400 | 4448 | Coulter

2:30-4:40P     MTW     BH235

Topic:  England, Scotland and Ireland
Above section COAS intensive writing section and also requires
registration in COAS W333
A portion of the above section reserved for majors

This course will look at the roles of religion, politics (including
war), popular culture in the forging of "Great Britain"--- and British
identities---between 1707 and 1922.  Since it is an intensive writing
class, students will be expected to write and revise four 1500-word
(seven pages) essays over the course of the eight-week session.  Three
of the essays will cover topics and readings assigned by the
instructor; the fourth will be on an aspect of the course subject
matter and readings that the student wishes to explore in depth.  The
final grade will be determined by attendance and participation in
class discussions as well as by the writing and revising of the four
required essays.

Assigned readings:  Linda Colley, Britons; Collin Kidd, British
Identities Before Nationalism; Murray Pittock, Inventing and Resisting
Britain.  Additional library reserve material.