Music | College Music Teaching
E635 | 5607 | Jorgensen

E635: College Music Teaching. 3 cr., July 5-August 4, 2.30-4.00P, M267
Sect. 5607.

This seminar, led by Professor Estelle Jorgensen, is an ideal choice
for graduate students looking for a general course that helps prepare
college music teachers of music performance, theory, history,
composition, music education, or other fields in music.  The first
section focuses on the background and context of music instruction in
the American college and university and draws on an array of readings
that are both provocative and reflective of issues important to
college music teachers.  The second section is devoted to the
practical skills needed by college music teachers and provides an
opportunity to develop these skills.  And the third section
constitutes a discussion with various faculty across the School of
Music and provides insights into how to be a successful college music
teacher in a variety of fields.  This is a project-based course and a
copy of the syllabus is available.  For further information on this
course, contact Prof. Jorgensen at
 or by telephone at 5-4430.