Biology | Biological Mechanisms
L112 | 4131 | Ruesink, A

Course format: Daily lectures: 10:30A-11:20A, JH A106 plus a weekly (50
minute) collaborative learning group.

Requirements:  High school or college chemistry.

Course description: Introductory biology course for majors.  The course
presents an integrated picture of the manner in which living systems
meet problems of maintaining and propagating life.  The course will
begin by discussing the characteristics of biochemistry, cells,
metabolism, genetics, reproduction, and embryonic development.  The
issues addressed include: how living systems obtain energy, reproduce,
resist infections, obtain and process information from the environment,
and maintain homeostasis.  Considerable attention will be given to the
cellular, subcellular, biochemical and molecular aspects of how living
systems work.

Required text:  "Biology" by Campbell. Fifth edition.

Weekly assignments: Reading two-three chapters per week.  Study
problems and occasional problem sets, attendance in learning group

Exams/papers: Two exams worth 100 points each plus comprehensive final
worth 150 points.