College Of Arts And Sciences | Architecture of Modernity
E103 | 4003 | Maiorino, G.

A multimedia tour through the great cultural achievements of the past
five hundred years, this course is a blend of art, music, and
literary history.  Sound, images, and texts are carefully woven
together as students explore crucial questions. How and why do
literature and the arts record the cultural memory and felt
experience of a civilization?  What does it mean to be an individual?
How does an individual relate to society? How does our modern
sensibility relate to both our classical and romantic heritage? What
is utopia?  What is dystopia, its nightmarish opposite?  By examining
how the arts meditate on these issues, this course traces the origins
of modern consciousness from the Italian Renaissance through modern
times.  Studies range through a wide selection of masterpieces from
Brunelleschi   through Frank Lloyd Wright. Since the focus is on
themes and ideas, no previous exposure to literature or the arts is
required.  Visits to the outstanding I.U. Art Museum and attending a
concert at the internationally renowned School of Music will be