Political Science | The American Presidency
Y318 | 4551 | Mealy

	In light of the aftermath of the 2000 Presidential Election, we as a
nation have many issues to address regarding the office the presidency and
the future of our national electoral process. This course will examine the
office of the American Presidency, the selection processes which lead to the
nomination of our president, and the controversial electoral college system.
Another theme of the course is presidential power, or the lack thereof. In
other words, is the President of the U.S. really the most powerful person in
the world?  As we will find out, there are many factors, both internal and
external, which may influence and potentially  constrain the power and the
of workings of the presidency: among them are the media, public opinion,
foreign affairs, and Congress. Thus, in addition to examining the dynamic
relationships that exist between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial
branches, we will also be focusing on the role of presidential character,
public opinion, and the media, on the workings of the office of the American
What will you gain from this course?  A better understanding of the office
of the presidency and how this office relates to the other institutions of
our governmental system.  Secondly, you will also learn how to think about
politics, the powers of the presidency, and public opinion on a more
critical level.