Theatre & Drama | Introduction to the Theatre
T100 | 4744 | Railsback

THTR T100 Section 4744 C. Railsback
Introduction to the Theatre
10:30a-12:15p TWRF 4 cr. hrs.
Fulfills AHLA Requirements

This course is concerned with the art of entertainment called theatre.
This includes drama, dance, musical theatre, and the technical skills
used in film, television, and the living stage.  The basic objectives
of the course are to examine foundations of contemporary theatre, and
the elements of theatrical production and the contributions of the
western theatre heritage.  As the foundation course in the Theatre and
Drama curriculum, Introduction to the Theatre aims to equip the
student with a common vocabulary and concepts utilized in the study
and collaborative work of the theatre.

Wilson and Goldfarb.  Theatre: The Lively Art.
Kushner.  Angels in America, Part I.
Moliere.  The Miser. Adapt: Miles Malleson.
Sophocles. Oedipus Rex. Trans. H.D.F. Kitto
Williams.  A Streetcar Named Desire.

ASSIGNMENTS: The student will read in the above texts and will
view live and film theatre available during the semester.  Some
additional readings may be distributed and some may be put on Library
Reserve.  A large share of the content of the course will be found in
the course lectures, video, and other visual presentations.
PAPERS: The student will write three (3) papers of at least 600 to
800 words (3-5 pages) each.  The papers will be to evaluate a theatre
performance witnessed during the term.

EXAMS: At least three (3) tests over assigned reading, lectures,
films, and other viewings.  All tests prepared with class content in
mind.  Also, there will be occasional quizzes.  The tests will be both
objective and essay.  The final exam will be comprehensive.
Attendance and class participation are essential to
success in this course.