Theatre & Drama | Acting I
T120 | 4746 | Norris

T120 section 4746
Acting I
MTWR 12:30p-1:35p
TH 125

GOAL:  This course provides beginning acting students with an
introduction to the art and the discipline of acting.

OBJECTIVES:   To provide beginning actors with:

~an appreciation of acting as an interpretive, creative art within the
context of all the arts
~a basic repertoire of physical and vocal exercises to promote
relaxation and flexibility of body and voice
~basic exercises to expand the imagination, enhance the capactiy for
sensory response and experience, and increase concentration
~some fundamental skills fo approaching, analyzing, preparing,
performing, and evaluating a role.

TEXTS:  Acting One by Robert Cohen or The Actor in You by Robert
Benedetti -- TBA.  Plus plays and additional scripts.