B301 | 4117 | Cook

B301 is a laboratory class in the techniques used for research in
physical anthropology.  Attendance in lab is a necessary part of the
course.  If you must miss a lab session, it is your responsibility to
arrange for a make-up session.  You must complete all 26 lab exercises to
receive a grade in the course.   You will need to purchase the lab manual,
but there is no other textbook.

Grades are based on three written projects (20 percent each) and four
lab quizzes (10 percent each).   The written projects permit you to apply
the techniques you have learned.  The first project is a report on a
forensic case from our teaching collection.  You will analyze a human
skeleton, determine its age and sex, and describe any injuries the
individual has experienced.  The second project is  an analysis of
primate behavior data that we will collect during our zoo trip.  The third
project is a report on anthropometric and dermatoglyphic observations you
will collect using a fellow student as your subject.