Criminal Justice-COAS | Child Abuse and Neglect
P462 | 4323 | Noble

Issues relating to child abuse affect all of us every day.  This
course has two major objectives: to help you understand all types of
abuse that our society inflicts on its children and to see how our
society attempts to deal with the victims and perpetrators of this
Child abuse affects all of us at least indirectly simply because it
is defined as a criminal behavior in our laws.  During your studies
you will discover countless statistics attempting to illustrate the
scope of this problem.  I want you to remember that the real scope of
these issues has never been accurately measured by statistics.  Like
all crimes in this society, child abuse is grossly underreported.
All of us have been affected by society’s important issues: mental
illness, divorce, alcoholism, drugs, and crime.  All of these issues
are connected to the fundamental issue, child abuse.
Topics include:
	The Family and Abuse in a Historical Perspective
	Physical Abuse, Neglect, and Emotional Abuse
	Treatment of Physical Abuse and Neglect
	Sexual Abuse: Incestuous and Extrafamilial
	Treatment of Sexual Abuse
	Social Welfare Response
	Criminal Justice Response
Readings: To be announced.

Class meeting:	M,T,W, 1:30 - 3:00P, BH 314

Instructor: R. Dwight Noble, Criminal Justice Department