College Of Arts and Sciences | Introduction to Criminal Justice
S104 | 4008 | Chermak, S.

How does the criminal justice system respond to crime in society? It
first considers the nature of crime in society and evaluates
different approaches to responding to it. We will consider how
politics, the media, public opinion, and other factors influence what
crimes become priority issues and how they help structure society’s
response to crime. Although there are viable alternatives, we examine
why the United States relies primarily on the criminal justice system
to respond to crime. What role has the criminal justice system played
historically in responding to crime and what are its current
priorities and strategies? Why does the criminal justice focus on
some offenses (drugs) and ignore other offenses (white-collar
offenses)? What are the traditional approaches that the criminal
justice system has used to respond to crime, how have these
approaches changed, and are these evolving strategies effective?