English | Teaching Composition: Issues and Approaches
W500 | 4389 | Christine Farris

This integration of a graduate course in writing pedagogy with two
undergraduate writing courses (W350 and W131) allows current high
school teachers as well as graduate students interested in secondary
and post-secondary teaching to focus on teaching academic writing to
high school and first-year college students.  The class will study in
common current composition theory and research-based concepts.  In
teaching a sequence of analytical reading and writing moves, we will
encourage both students and teachers to think of an issue for writing
as contextually located in history and culture, rather than merely as
an agree/disagree topic for argumentation.  In addition, both W500 and
W350 students will be assigned three W131 students with whom they will

During the three weeks when class does not meet, students will be
expected to complete a number of observations and tutorials in the
W131 class.  Permission of the instructor is required.

Course meets June 17-28 and also July 29-August 2.