Fine Arts | Picasso
A347 | 5815 | Kennedy

A great deal of writing  some of it good and much of it bad  has been
devoted to Picasso.  This course, in addition to surveying Picasso's
career, provides an opportunity to consider how the Picasso legend was
formed and to sample the various approaches to interpreting Picasso's art
(art as autobiography, art as social history, more traditional formalist
approaches, and so forth).  In the course of the session we will survey
various periods of Picasso's long and extremely productive
careerconcentrating within each period on a few key works.  Although
Picasso's style changed dramatically over the years, there are
recognizable links that connect the various phases of his career.  Among
these would be his use of themes and images from the art of the past, his
mythologizing of women, his alternation between "high" and "low" art, and
his willingness both to maintain and to attack the classical ideal of
beauty.  These issues (and others) will offer us continuity during the
course of the session.