History | Britain and the Empire
B300 | 4477 | Switaj

Above section open to undergraduates only
Above section meets with WEUR W405

This course will explore the political, social, economical and
cultural history of Britain and its Empire between the fall of
Napoleon and the decolonization of India.  During this time period,
the small island of Britain was a world power with an empire that
included portions of Africa, India, the Pacific and Latin America.
The Empire was a central part of how Britons identified themselves
and their nation.  How did this develop?  Why did it all fall apart?
This course will seek to explore these questions as well as look at
the ramifications of imperialism on both the British and their
imperial subjects (particularly those in Africa, India and Ireland)
in politics, economics, social relations and cultural production.
The workload for this class will consist of discussion and analysis
of three books, as well as two short papers and a final exam.  Any
questions can be directed at the instructor at kswitaj@indiana.edu.