History | Ancient History Detective
C300 | 4478 | Eckhart

Above section open to undergraduates only

“Ancient History Detective” is a skills-focused course which will
familiarize students with eleven “tools” that ancient historians use
to understand the past.  We will learn about and practice working
with these “tools” with in-class and take-home case studies.  Since
many of these “tools” are used in most fields of history, this course
should also help students learn many skills which can be applied in
other history courses.  We will use primary documents, visual images,
and secondary reading as we learn about and practice these “tools.”
It is entirely unnecessary to have prior knowledge about the case
studies or the “tools” of history which this course revolves around.
There is only one book required for the course, "Decoding Ancient
History," whose chapters are approximately 20 pages long.  Take-home
assignments will be handed out in class and should take as much time
to complete as the in-class practices.  The final grade will be
determined as follows:  72% take-home assignments, 22% in-class work,
6% attendance.