History | Peoples and Nation in World History
W300 | 4479 | Carotenuto/Wilson

Above section open to undergraduates only               WILSON

Tribe...nation...ethnic group...race.  Where does one end and the
other begin?  Why are they important?  This course will examine how
ethnicity has affected world history and how historical events have
shaped ethnic identity.  We will discuss various topics including
colonialism, nationalism, the importance of borders and boundaries,
ethnic conflict, migration, and even the interaction of popular
culture and identity.  Events throughout the world will be discussed,
with a focus on Europe and Africa.  Specific topics will include
ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia, the Rwandan genocide, the
impact of colonialism on identity in Africa and Asia, and the
preservation of a distinct culture among scattered migrant

Course requirements:  4 short 2-4 page papers (40%), mid-term
examination (20%), final examination (30%), classroom
participation (10%)

Required readings:  J. Hutchinson and A. Smith, eds., Ethnicity(OUP
1996); J. Hutchinson and A. Smith, eds., Nationalism (OUP 1994);
course packet.