Speech and Hearing Sciences | Stuttering
S550 | 4766 | Densmore, A.

Purpose:  This course is designed to provide the graduate students
with an introduction to the skills needed to provide a competent
assessment to children and adults who stutter. Through the use of
videotapes the students will learn to efficiently tally and describe
various types of stuttering behavior. The students will learn how to
decide and plan an appropriate treatment program based on the
assessment information provided.  Through videotapes, the students
will be exposed to various treatment techniques as demonstrated by
master clinicians. The research base underlying the causation and
treatment goals will be discussed. Through readings, videotapes, and
discussion the students will be exposed to both the physiological as
well as the psychological aspects of stuttering.

Course Requirements: The grading is based on class participation, one
paper, and a final examination.