West European Studies | British Politics
W405 | 4810 | Summers

This course will survey the politics and government of the United
Kingdom. We will consider issues such as Britain's changing
structures of government; Conservatives, Social Democrats, and
the "Third Way"; Britain in (and out of) Europe; policy issues from
welfare to warfare; Northern Ireland; individual and human rights;
and other perennial and timely topics.  We will also look at two
issues that have recently gained much prominence: race relations in
Britain, and the nature of the US-British relationship in the post-
9/11 world.  In addition to acquainting ourselves with the British
political system itself, the course will give us the opportunity to
examine Britain from the perspectives of various theories of
politics, to reveal how understanding politics in Britain can help us
to understand politics more generally.
	The primary text will be Jones, et al., "Politics UK" (4th
Ed.), as well as selected outside readings.  Course requirements
include exams, a short (5-7 pg.) paper, and in-class exercises