Biology | Biology of Fishes
Z476 | 4142 | Welter, S

Course format: Lab: 12:30P-4:30P, TR, JH 129.

Requirements: P: Biol L111, L112 and L113. Students should anticipate
field trips on Thursdays and an occasional Saturday.

Course description:  The anatomy, physiology, ecology, evolution, and
behavior of fishes will be explored through lecture material,
laboratory work, discussion of primary and secondary literature, and
fieldwork. We will use dissection and classification techniques on a
variety of fish taxa, conduct behavioral and ecological experiments,
and explore numerous aquatic habitats and their fish diversity.

Required text: “A Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes: North America
North of Mexico” (Peterson Field Guide); “A Short Guide to Writing
About Biology”, J.A. Pechenik, fourth edition.

Weekly assignments: Outside of class, there will be reading, studying,
writing (literature summaries, critiques), and working on an
independent project/experiment.

Exams/papers: There will be 3-4 exams, quizzes, some short writing
assignments, and an independent project culminating in a poster