Communication and Culture | Persuasion
C324 | 4269 | Staff

We often think about persuasion in primarily instrumental and
individualistic terms-how one individual goes about getting something
he/she wants from another person.  Although this sense of persuasion
has its value, this course will take a different focus, one which asks
us to think about the cultural, social, and political aspects of
persuasion more broadly defined.  Specifically, we will examine the
intersection between U.S. popular culture and social activist
movements centered around issues of identity.  Over the course of the
semester, we will investigate several different theoretical approaches
to the "problem" of persuasion, with particular attention to mass-
mediated culture.  We will also look at several different case studies
of actual social activist movements.  Part of the course, therefore,
will involve making connections between "theory" and "practice," that
is, how social movements enact particular theories of persuasion, how
these movements produce theory, and how theory itself can be
considered a form of social practice/activism.