W505 | 6003 | Lackey

Designed for pre-service and practicing elementary generalist (non-
arts specialist) teachers, this course deals with methods for
integrating visual art, music, and creative drama within the
elementary classroom.

Topics will include philosophic justifications for teaching with,
through, and about the arts; fundamentals in each discipline;
principles of integration; and planning for integrated instruction.
Classes will involve active participation in a wide range of visual
art, music, movement, and dramatic experiences applicable to the
elementary classroom, emphasizing ways to link the arts to literacy
in general and to particular classroom themes and content. In
addition, students will participate in peer teaching and a week-long
community-based field experience in which lesson plans will be
implemented with children of elementary school age.

No prior arts experience is required, and emphasis will be placed on
creating a welcoming environment in which non-arts majors may explore
and experience arts activities. The course covers basic content from
established required courses in visual and music education, but also
introduces methods for teaching creative drama, which is not
currently available in the IU Elementary Education Program. It will
be taught collaboratively by three experienced instructors from the
Indiana University Art Education, Music Education, and Theatre
Education Programs. Enrollment is limited and early registration is
This course will count for both M333 and M323 in the Elementary
Education Program. Practicing teachers are invited to take the course
for graduate credit.

*Please note special registration instructions:
Undergraduates: Please register for F401 twice: once for 2.0 credits
& once for 3.0 credits. Also register for M301 once for 1.0 credit,
for a total of 6.0 credits
Graduate students: Please register for W505 for 5.0 credits and M501
for 1.0 credit for a total of 6.0 credits. Contact Dr. Lara Lackey or Dr. Lissa F. May for further
information about course content.