Fine Arts | Fundamentals of Photography
S291 | 4417-4418 | All


Offered every semester.

This is a general course description.  Specifics and current details
will be outlined by your instructor.

This is a basic “tool-skills” course, whose aim is to help the
student develop practical control over the monochrome photographic
process, as well as a degree of independence from further
instruction and misinformation in the form of manufacturer’s

Practice training and some theoretical information is given in the
problems of exposure of photographic field and paper, film
development, enlargement (printing) contrast control and

Aesthetic considerations are discussed to the extent that the
particular course population warrants, in that students are drawn
from all areas of the Arts and Sciences as well as most of the
Professional Schools, and are by no means exclusively Fine Arts
majors (though occasionally certain sections may be restricted to
majors only).  More of this is done on an individual basis, to cater
to the diversity of interest; an attempt is made to match further
individualized instruction to the needs and applicational interests
of the students.

Important areas discussed are camera controls, the lens and light,
shutters, light metering, film exposure, depth of field, contrast,
bracketing, developing, printing, and materials and chemicals.

The format of the classes includes explanation, discussion,
demonstration, approximately an hour of lecture plus discussion and
four hours of supervised laboratory per week; plus out-of-class

Assignments, Tests, and Grades:  Assignments include a short paper
on a photograph or photographs; portfolio review.  There will be one
or two quizzes.  Grades are based on quiz scores and portfolio
review.  Portfolios are graded on the progress and effort a student
makes in the class.

A personal camera is required, 35mm with manual control.

A lab fee is charged.  Please visit
for fee information.