Folklore | American Regional Music
F625 | 4428 | Burdette

This course will examine a wealth of North American musical
communities and styles. These include
bluegrass, tex-mex, blues, polka, string band, shapenote, cajun,
zydeco, mariachi, klezmer, gospel and steelband music.  In addition,
we will explore issues of ethnicity, style, revival, and
commercialization. The goals of the course are threefold: to develop
a familiarity with the diversity of American regional and ethnic
musics, to understand the history of stylistic borrowing and
innovation that has created these musics, and to examine the roles
these musics play in the lives of the people who make it.  No musical
background is necessary.  The course will use the textbook, Musics of
Multicultural America and its accompanying CD.  In addition, there
will be supplementary readings and listening materials.