History | Ireland Since 1798
B300 | 4492 | Switaj

Ireland is often seen as the land of shamrocks, leprechauns and the
IRA.  However, this small island nation has a long, distinguished
and varied past that has had a significant influence on global
history.  This class will work to explore some of the reasons why
Ireland has played such an important role.  The course will focus on
the history of the entire island of Ireland from the implementation
of British rule through the struggle for independence, which ended
in the partition of 1922, and the issues that have faced both the
Irish Free State (later the Republic of Ireland or Eire) and the
British province of Northern Ireland.   This class will use various
techniques and tools to do so, including different types of primary
and secondary sources, in-class discussions in both small and large
groups, and lectures supplemented with PowerPoint presentations.
It is hoped that students will gain at least three things from this
course.  The first is the ability to utilize the skills used by
historians.  These include the reading and analyzing of primary
sources and the ability to critically read secondary sources.
Secondly, it is hoped that students will see how societies are
constructed and reconstructed by politics, economics and culture.
Finally, students will be expected to see how Ireland has been
shaped and how it, in turn, has shaped the British Isles, Europe,
the Atlantic community and the broader world.