History | Europe at War in the 20th Century
B300 | 4493 | Ohren

In this course we will explore Europe’s turbulent twentieth century
through one of its defining features:  war.  From liberation
movements to global confrontations, we will examine the role of war
in determining European politics as well as how it affected
Europeans’ daily lives.  The course is framed by conflict in the
Balkans, which opened and closed Europe’s twentieth century.  Our
focus is on the interplay of war and other societal developments,
such as:  nationalism, socialism, fascism, technology, total war,
genocide, the militarization of society, gender relationships,
propoganda, alliance systems, and of course, the battles themselves.

The course is designed around lectures and discussions.  In addition
to our textbook on twentieth century European history, we will read
articles and primary sources as well as view cinematic
representations of war.  Using these sources, we will connect
individuals’ lives to wartime events and analyze subsequent
interpretations of these histories.