History | Exploring Ancient Egypt
C300 | 4495 | Eckhart

You’ve seen the treasures in museums, magazines, and television.
You’ve watched the documentaries on the History and Discovery
Channel.  You’ve adventured there on the big screen in The Mummy or
The Scorpion King or Stargate.  You may have even seen Geraldo
Rivera broadcast “live” from newly uncovered tombs.

All of that is merely the commercial surface of Ancient Egypt.

This course will explore how native Egyptians created, maintained,
lost, and recaptured a civilization that awed even the Greeks and
Romans in the classical world.  We will use visual, audio, and
written sources to build a basic foundation of Egyptian history,
investigate the idea of Egypt for ancient and modern people, and get
a good deal of practice with primary sources as we look at Egyptian
society from several angles.

Join us for 60 minutes, Mondays through Thursdays, for a fast paced
exploration of the history and culture of Ancient Egypt from 3150-
702 BCE.

Course requirements:
One textbook & reserve packets in the main library
Small group work (5 occasions)
Quizzes (4 basic quizzes on facts and terms)
One short paper (3-5 pages)
Final exam (take-home in nature)