History | World History of the Family
W300 | 4496 | Kvetko

This is a comparative world history course, centered around the
theme of the family which examines family life in world cultures
from preindustrial times to the future.  Using both demographic and
textual sources, we will examine the life course and how development
and modernization have altered it.  We will begin with an analysis
of household structures, and then venture to the topics of
childhood, marriage, fertility, old age and death.  Then, we will
look at the glaring differences in family lifestyles between rich
and poor countries.  We will end the course by addressing the
question of population growth, and whether we can sustain ourselves
on Earth without family planning.

Lectures and readings will provide general introductions and
background as well as specific case studies for comparison.  Course
requirements include a midterm, a final, a research paper and class