Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Causes & Prevention of Birth Defects
H617 | 5179 | Sam Rhine

An in depth look at both GENETIC and ACQUIRED (environmental) causes
of disabilities present at birth with special emphasis on PREVENTION
and early identification of HIGH RISK FAMILIES.

ACQUIRED issues will focus on the causes of LBW - Low Birth Weight
and such etiologic factors as DATA - Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse
during pregnancy with particular emphasis on FAS - Fetal Alcohol
Syndrome and FAE - Fetal Alcohol Effects;  TAP - TeenAge Parents and
low birth weight babies;  prescriptions, OTCs, infections,  STDs,
HIV & AIDS; Folic Acid deficiency, excessive vitamin A, and various
maternal factors.

GENETIC issues will focus on cytogenetics and chromosome syndromes;
single gene inheritance patterns and biochemical disorders; human
embryology and errors in development; genetic counseling for high
risk families; prenatal diagnosis and prenatal therapy.  Also
included will be a look at genetic engineering technology with gene
therapy, cloning, stem cell therapy and early embryo manipulation.