Music | College Music Teaching
E635 | ALL | Jorgensen

This course will consist of class discussions organized around
assigned readings, presentations by guest discussants in specialized
areas within music, and discussion and role playing of assigned cases
by class members.  The class will utilize the electronic environment
of Oncourse.  Students will be expected to operate successfully
within this environment,  participate in electronic chatrooms and
forums, and utilize technology in class presentations.  Readings for
the class will be drawn from Bill Reading, The University in Ruins,
Kenneth Eble, The Craft of Teaching, 2nd. ed., Donald Kennedy,
Academic Duty, Susan Ko and Steve Rossen, Teaching On Line, Wilbert
McKeachie, Teaching Tips (10th ed.), NASM Handbook, 2002-03 edn.,
Martha Nussbaum, Cultivating Humanity, Parker J. Palmer, The Courage
to Teach, Donald Schön, Educating the Reflective Practitioner, and
Ira Shor, Empowering Education.